Gold Forms

Gold Forms I, Screenprinting Ink on Painted Canvas, 20 by 20 inches.

The Gold Forms painting took a long time to prepare and combined painting, photography, digital manipulation, code, screenprinting, and a touch of carpentry.

I used Open Frameworks to create a 3D mesh model from a photo I took of a painting I did. The model put brighter parts of the painting at a different depth than the darker parts.

I took several shots of the 3D model from different views and then put all the shots in one big picture using some code I wrote (like the icons). Then I took that final picture down to just one color and burned it on a screen, then screenprinted the picture on stretched canvas. I built a special rig out of plywood to line up the canvas with the screen.

Of the sub-pictures within the screenprint, the middle is the original photo.

The end result is a mix between modern techniques and screen printed art – a handmade piece with some digital textures that could not be made by hand alone.